1L2A2402Max Sindermann is a guitarist and composer from Los Angeles, CA.  Trained in classical music, beginning with the occasional piano trifle from a very young age, Max went on to formally study Music at Cal-State University Northridge.

Being initially drawn to the heavy metal genre, Max began studying modern guitar as an adolescent, where he went on to play with several local bands around Los Angeles.  A few years into his studies, Max took a strong interest in classical music, which he used to develop a unique hybrid style of playing which blends contemporary guitar with classical fingerpicking techniques.  His passion for heavy metal and classical guitar led him to start his band Event Horizon, a local progressive metal act that fuses both styles by utilizing Max’s innovative approach to the instrument.

In addition to his band, Max has played with various theatrical and live performance musical acts spanning different genres and styles.  He currently works as a professional musician around Los Angeles, contributing to many projects as well as teaching and inspiring young students.